About Us

Boba FettThe Hair and Makeup Artist Handbook was set up in late 2011 by a makeup artist who simply wanted to provide a website full of useful and accurate information about hair and makeup. After getting it going, they handed the brush to a small team of fellow conspirators to continue researching and writing.

So who are we? We all work in the media in makeup, at various levels, in different ways and with many experiences, good and bad. But it isn’t about us ultimately – it’s about providing a website for people to use and enjoy, not getting our mugs on the tinterwebs. We work behind camera and are happy to stay there. Besides, we are all ugly!

So how do we do it? Basically, we do proper research. This involves reading books, talking to those who know more than us, going to museums, using our eyes… and whatever else we need to do to get the details right. It is more than just copying and pasting crap found on the internet! We post when we can and update information as things change or if we discover something new, more detailed or accurate.

Anyway, that’s enough about us! Enjoy the site and feel free to comment on posts, get in touch, or simply wander over now and then to read about hair and makeup stuff.

The Hair and Makeup Artist Handbook team