Hair and Beauty Adverts from the 1970s

Hair, beauty and fashion adverts of the 1970s, giving you an idea of the popular colours, trends and styles throughout the decade.




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2 thoughts on “Hair and Beauty Adverts from the 1970s

  1. Hey Guys, I am working on a English Drama and would love to know what adverts are made and publicised in England, This would be amazing if you could help. I am looking at anything from 1961 – 1979.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi James, We guess that adverts by the British makeup brands were made in UK for the English/UK market e.g Boots 17, Yardley, Mary Quant, Rimmel, Biba – popular brands in the UK during that time. Many feature British models. (American brands include CoverGirl, Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden and Revlon and, though adverts appeared in UK magazines for the UK market.) That’s about all we know!

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