Makeup Kit Favourites: Primers

Our favourite makeup primers, eye shadow bases and anti-shine products.

  • A good makeup primer should create a smooth base for a foundation to be applied onto and helps to keep the foundation looking fresher for longer.
  • An eye primer is designed to be used on unmade-up skin and keeps eye shadow from creasing and smudging.
  • Anti-shine does exactly that; it mattes down any unwanted or excessive shine caused by oils on the skin, or helps to diffuse hot spots created by the lighting in film/TV studios or on a set.

Cinema Secrets: Ultimate Foundation PrimerMakeup primer - Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer

  • Cinema Secrets is a professional makeup range.
  • This lovely silicone-based makeup primer is oil-free.
  • The clear gel is dispensed via a pump and is best applied with a brush.
  • Creates a velvety smooth matte base for use under any foundation, or use on its own to matte shiny skin down.
  • We’ve found that we need to use less foundation over this primer, possibly because the finish created is so silky smooth, the foundation glides on and blends more easily than without it.
  • The primer can also be used with thicker foundation products to thin it down a bit if you want a lighter coverage.
  • Cinema Secrets do not test on animals.

Skin tones: All.

Skin types: All.

Where to buy:

Laura Mercier: Foundation Primer

  • Makeup primer - Laura Mercier PrimerAnother great makeup primer that goes on easily to create a lightweight silky smooth finish.
  • As with other silicone-based primers, we find that we need to use less foundation and the smooth surface makes application and blending really easy.
  • Laura Mercier does several types of makeup primer, but we stick with the original primer and use the oil-free version on oily skin.
  • Not tested on animals.

Skin tones: All.

Skin type: All. Use the oil-free version on oily or acne-prone skin.

Where to buy: Online | Store locator

Make-Up International: SuperMatte AntiShine

Make-Up International SuperMatte AntiShine

  • A popular choice in the film and telly industry, this anti-shine can be used under makeup or on its own.
  • On its own it will matte down any “hot spots” (like nose tips, bald heads, oily hairlines and anything else that can catch the light).
  • Under makeup it works like a primer, creating a smooth matte surface for any foundation.
  • Perfect for the pro makeup artist’s set bag.
  • If someone starts to look shiny on camera, we pat on a tiny amount using a brush over the makeup (don’t use your fingers as the oil in your skin can lift makeup off).
  • Certified by the BUAV as cruelty-free, so no animal testing.

Skin tones: There are three transparent tones available: Light, Medium and Dark.

Skin types: All.

Where to buy: Online | Media specialist makeup stores

Cinema Secrets: Eye Primer

Cinema Secrets Eye Primer

  • A small tube with a lot of applications.
  • It is a liquid eyelid primer and you only need a small amount per eyelid (a “half rice grain” sort of size).
  • Apply to clean bare skin with a brush, then leave it for thirty seconds or so to allow it to dry completely before you apply eye shadow.
  • Use with any loose or pressed powder eye shadows.
  • This neutral primer really locks the eye shadow colour onto the eyelid, keeping the eye shadow’s pigment true to colour.
  • It doesn’t rub off, is water-resistant and the eye shadow lasts a long time without creasing, smudging or moving.
  • Not tested on animals.

Skin tones: All.

Skin types: All

Where to buyOnline Ireland & UK | Online USA

Bare Escentuals: Prime Time Foundation Primer
Bare Escentuals Prime Time

  • Preservative-free.
  • Give it a shake before using and one pump is enough to cover a face.
  • The makeup primer goes on easily to create a smooth base for any foundation, not just loose minerals.
  • The only tiny negative we have with this product is that the lid cap can come off if the bottle is not stored upright.

Skin tones: All.

Skin type: All. For oily and acne-prone skins, try the oil-free version (which is also silicone-free).

Where to buy: Online UK | Online USA

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