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Advertising Information and Disclosures

The Hair And Makeup Handbook is designed to bring you a high quality, informative and easy-to-use website. This website takes time and effort to deliver original content to you free of charge.

Advertising Information

The Hair And Makeup Artist Handbook accepts advertising and this does not influence or affect any of the information on this site.

We use third-party advertising on our website, so please be aware that these third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers. Likewise, they may be using web beacons to collect information as a result of adverts serving on our website.

Our Affiliates

There are endless affiliate choices available and, therefore, we can choose who we want to affiliate with. We try to select products and items that are relevant to our website and individual posts. Therefore, we hope that they may be of interest or use to readers. We do not use affiliates that are of little or no relation to our content.

Affiliations do not in any way influence which products are mentioned or reviewed or what we say about them. This means we say what we like.

We are only compensated by way of a small commission when you click through from this website to an advertiser’s website and purchase something within a specified time frame.

Our Advertisers

We use third-party advertising on our website from Google Adsense. We do not control the content of the adverts, even if we set keywords or parameters to try and bring relevant adverts to our pages.

Amazon Associates

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links found on this website ( are affiliate referral links. This means that if a reader clicks on text or an image, we may receive a commission from purchases. There is no additional cost to you — none at all. It simply helps pay for hosting and server costs. Thank you.

Products and Product Reviews

We have used everything that we state we like on this website, both personally and for our professional line of work as hair and makeup artists. They have been tested on the job and in the field.

All of the comments and reviews are written by The Hair And Makeup Artist Handbook and reflect our personal opinion of the product. These are in no way influenced by any outside party. We are not paid by anyone to say anything, nor will we ever work that way.

We do not include products on this website that we do not like or recommend. All reviews are based on personal experience of using that product. Similarly, our website content is not pre-approved by PR representatives, marketing departments, or brands. We say what we want to without any outside influence.

No Warranty of Products

The Hair And Makeup Artist Handbook does not directly sell any products and makes no warranties as to the effectiveness or quality of any product. Our reviews are based on personal experience and personal opinion. Of course, an individual user’s experience of a product and/or opinion may vary. Comments concerning reviews from users about their experiences are encouraged and welcome on the relevant posts.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoyed our website.