Business Cards for Makeup Artists

Looking for the perfect business card to tell the world about your work in makeup?

Voila! Here are some colourful creations to inspire. Retro, elegant, bold or quirky – there are designs for all tastes. Plus some pointers as to what to put on your business card when working as a makeup artist.

Business cards for makeup artists

What Should My Business Card Say?

A business card is a simple way to let people know what you do and how to contact you.

As a minimum it should state your name, job title and a way to contact you (e.g. telephone number, email, website, business address).

You can put other information on there if it’s relevant and helps to set you apart. Things like:

  • what sector you work in (e.g. bridal, editorial, film and television);
  • any specialty or a particular skill you are known for (e.g. airbrushing, camouflage);
  • or geographical location that you cover (e.g. useful for private client work like weddings).

It’s a tool to sell yourself, so make it memorable, persuasive and engaging to the recipient, but don’t overcrowd a card with lots of details – use brochures or a website to expand on details and information.

Tips for Creating the Right Impression

  • Consider the image used – is it appropriate to what you do and professional?
  • Use a layout and font that is clear and draws people in to wanting to read your card – make it engaging and memorable.
  • Your business email address should be professional: conveys “professional” all right, just not in makeup!
  • Don’t overstate your job title. For example, don’t call yourself a “designer” when you’re fresh out of college, or call yourself a “hair artist” when you’ve only done two weeks at makeup school twiddling a few strands. People will notice!
  • You may need different cards for the different sectors that you work in to convey the relevant information and right image to each type of prospective client and employer.

Where Can I Get Business Cards Printed?

There are three main options – a printer shop, online shops and DIY.

  • Any local printer should be able to help – local directories or an internet search should find you your local printing shops.
  • For online options, there are several printing websites that provide ready-made design options, or you can upload your own design and create your own unique card. Even ready-made designs can be customised with your details, and some offer colour options, so you can still make it more unique to you.

The designs shown above came from Zazzle, which seemed to have the most specifically designed business cards for makeup artists. There is also VistaPrint and Moo that we know of that do business cards for makeup artists, though the choice when we looked wasn’t as vast as Zazzle. Many places often have deals on, so it’s worth checking them all.

Whatever method you use, be sure to double check your card template before you hit the “go to print” button – your spelling and layout are important!

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5 thoughts on “Business Cards for Makeup Artists

  1. Hello, I’m currently studying to become a makeup artist and would love to know what website Cathrina and Stacy Gordon are talking about. I’d love to learn all I can. The heading says; “3 thoughts on Business Cards for Makeup Artists.” I’ve actually been trying to come up with a different email address that I can use for anything related to beauty and my makeup artist education.

    1. Hi Letty – the ladies are talking about our website. As for an email address, something professional and not too wordy is one way to go. For example, you could add “MUA” after your name or something. Good luck with your education.

  2. Hi found this web site really great for advise and tips ,
    will keep coming back learning more .
    thank you from a newbie mua x

  3. Hi…this is a great blog for anyone trying their hands at making a career out of beauty and fashion related stuffs. Very informative and so many great ideas!

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