Pro Discounts for Makeup Artists

Being a professional makeup artist brings discounts galore from professional ranges, high street makeup brands and specialist makeup suppliers.

To join a pro discount program, you’ll have to complete an application form and prove your professional job status – each company outlines what documentation is required. Some pro discounts for makeup artists are free; some charge an annual fee. Some discounts are only available in certain countries, and some offer a few other perks, like access to training, events and exclusive news.

Our list is not comprehensive; it is just a guide to get you started – you still have to do your homework to see if you meet an individual company’s full requirements and so on! And if any links are broken, as companies do change links on their websites now and then – please let us know.

PAGE LAST UPDATED: 12 March 2016

Bobbi Brown


  • Eligibility: MUAs, students and industry professionals.
  • Cost: Between £15-25 per annum, depending on which membership level you are eligible for.
  • To apply: Email with your full name and address. Within 7 days, they’ll send you an application form and further instructions. Allow 4-8 weeks for your application to be processed. If your membership is declined, they’ll send you an email with an explanation.
  • Information: Bobbi Brown pro discount


Cinema Secrets


  • Eligibility: Pro MUAs, student MUAs, cosmetologists, and estheticians
  • Discount: 25% discount on all Cinema Secrets brand products | 15% discount on all non-Cinema Secrets products within the California retail store and on
  • Information: All about the pro discount

Dinair Pro Airbrush


  • Eligibility:  Makeup artists, various cosmetic and hair professionals, models and on-air talent (full list of applicable jobs is stated on the website – click the link below)
  • Discount: Up to 30% (varies from country to country)
  • Cost: $35 per annum
  • Information: For more details and to apply

Face Atelier




Kett Cosmetics


Laura Mercier


MAC Cosmetics


  • Eligibility: Open to makeup pros, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, nail techs, costume designers, models, on-air talent/performers, and photographers.
  • Cost: MAC PRO Membership Program has a fee to cover either one or two years.
  • To apply: Application links for MUAs: Australia | France | Spain | UK | USA and Canada | Application links for MU students: UK (links currently broken on MAC website)
  • Information: FAQs all about the pro discount

Make-Up Designory


Make Up For Ever


  • Eligibility: MUAs, students, and select industry professionals (including models, actors, hairstylists, dancers)
  • Discount: MUAs get 40% discount – students and industry pros get 20%. Must purchase products through the NYC Boutique, Boutique & Studios at Sephora, Nigel’s Beauty Emporium and Naimie’s Beauty Center in California
  • Cost: The BACKSTAGE PASS is free
  • Information: More details and how to apply 



  • Eligibility: Offers 3 programs available for shopping on their website – “NARS Artist” (for MUAs with an agent, tear sheets, union membership, film/TV credits), “NARS Industry” (for industry pros including actors, models and designers) and “NARS Apprentice” (for students enrolled at a makeup school)
  • Information:  For application info etc., contact the program administrator at: | More info online from NARS

NYX Cosmetics


  • Eligibility:  Pro MUAs and all cosmetic industry pros in the UK
  • Discount: 25%
  • Cost: Free
  • To apply: Download the PDF form. Return your completed application to NYX by recorded post or email. Once approved, you’ll get login details and can purchase online from their full product range. You will not receive an actual card. Please allow up to 3 weeks for application approval and processing.
  • Information: website is being updated at moment (March 2016)


  • Eligibility:  Pro MUAs and all cosmetic industry pros in the USA
  • Discount: 30%
  • To apply: Send a completed application form along with the requested documentation via email to or fax at 323 869 9430. You must also register and create an account online.
  • Information: More about the USA pro discount

Smashbox Cosmetics


  • Eligibility: Pro MUAs
  • Discount: A 20-40% discount on Smashbox products as well as a Smashbox PRO Artist membership card; access to the Smashbox PRO Artist newsletter packed with the latest trends in makeup and professional artistry.
  • Cost: Free
  • To apply: Read the Smashbox PRO Guidelines and Purchase Policy and send your completed application along with proper documentation via fax: (866) 599 3029 or via email:
  • Information:  More about the pro discount





  • Eligibility: Open to all sorts of creatives, from makeup to salons, nail techs, photographers and actors
  • Cost: $30 fee per annum – fee is redeemable against products for the first 30 days of membership
  • To apply: Complete the online form – it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your PRO card
  • Information: More about the pro discount

Urban Decay


  • Eligibility: UD Pro is only open to makeup artists who currently generate income from artistry jobs, or students enrolled at a makeup school. These jobs do not qualify for the discount: aesthetician, hair stylist, nail technician, actor, model, dancer, fashion stylist, costume designer, photographer, or other jobs tangentially related to the beauty industry.
  • Discount: 40% on most products bought through – each member may spend a maximum of $500 per quarter
  • Cost: Free
  • To apply: Download the application form and follow the instructions. All applications are subject to approval and take up to 14 days to process.
  • Information: More details and application form link

Any Others?

If you know of any discounts available to pro makeup artists, hairdressers and beauty peeps, please comment below so we can share the discounted love! Also, as companies do like to change their websites now and then, please let us know if any links are knackered. Thank you.

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23 thoughts on “Pro Discounts for Makeup Artists

  1. My colleagues were searching for NYX Professional Discount a few days ago and learned about an online service with a lot of fillable forms . If others are interested in NYX Professional Discount too , here’s

  2. Hi I was just wondering if you have a MAC application form for make up artists? The link you have used says there is an ERROR and I have no other way to apply? I cant seem to find an application form for the UK.

    Thank You

  3. When will urban decay offer discounts to UK professional? USA seem to have so many discount schemes but we don’t

    1. We know Nahid – very biased are some. We’ve no idea when – or even if – UD will do a UK pro discount. All we can say is “UD… HURRY UP!” 🙂

    1. There are a couple already listed, but if we learn of any more for Canada (or anywhere else), we’ll add to the list!

  4. Thanks for the info. Too bad that companies like MAC, Bobbi Brown and a few others only think of their market for MUAS in the UK. What about the rest of us that live in other parts of Europe like Switzerland, Austria etc. Different requirements for us, why? Thank you

    1. Hi Dee, I know – it is all very one-sided. We have no idea why they only give a discount to just one or two places out of all the countries where they sell. If we learn of any discounts for anywhere else, we will add them to the list. Thanks for commenting.

    2. I find the USA discounts most frustrating especially as the makeup is so much cheaper there and they have so many more vouchers, offers and discounts than we do in the UK! Though mac and other companies offer discounts it is usually only in freestanding stores and not available online, seeing as there are very few of these stores outside of London the discount is hard to use

      1. Hi Sophie – we totally agree. Makeup is so much cheaper in the US. The SFX palettes are half the price over there! The way some discounts are offered in the UK can make it difficult to actually enjoy, or pointless for non-Londoners to apply. Shame 🙁

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