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Pay Rates & Working Conditions for Makeup Artists

This is our guide to pay rates for makeup artists. Many countries have a union, guild or trade association that represents the people working there in the film and tv industries. Some of these organisations have the authority to regulate pay and stipulate working terms and conditions. Others can only advise “best practice” and provide support. Either way, these organisations can be a good ally to have.

As information seems to change a lot and organisations change their website structures, we have listed the main organisation or union that should be able to provide information to its members or people living in that region.




  • Federation of Western India Cine Employees is the mother of all Indian cinema associations, including those for makeup artists: www.fwice.in


  • Hard to find an up-to-date document. This is the most recent pay rates and terms information we could find. 

New Zealand

  • Various guides and information about pay rates and conditions from Film New Zealand: http://www.filmnz.com


  • Pay rates for hair and makeup personnel for film, television, commericals and low-budget productions (from BECTU).
  • For theatre personnel, there is the UK Theatre (formerly TMA) agreement with BECTU. You need to be a BECTU member to access the info.


Find Out More

  • If you know of more up-to-date links, or have links or information for other countries, please get in touch and let us know so we can share it. Thanks.
  • Our thanks to Jenni Schenk for the update on IATSE rates (USA/Canada).
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