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Hair & Beauty Adverts from the 1940s

Here we have a selection of hair and beauty adverts from the 1940s. They illustrate the fashionable hairstyles and makeup colours of the decade, giving us an insight into what was popular.

There were many cosmetic brands available, including Helena Rubinstein, Coty, Max Factor, and Yardley. Ultimately, Max Factor was one of the biggest names of the decade. Its hugely successful products included Pan-Cake and Pan-Stik (first released to the public in 1948).

Film stars often lent their face and name to advertisements. However, not only were they promoting the product, but a cheeky promo for their latest film was often slipped in! Women worldwide loved to copy their favourite star’s style, so a famous face in an advert was likely to boast sales.

1940s Print Adverts

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