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Hair & Beauty Adverts from the 1960s

Here we have a selection of 1960s advertisements for makeup, hair and beauty products. Adverts are a great way to see the popular fashion trends during the decade.

1960s Print Adverts

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4 thoughts on “Hair & Beauty Adverts from the 1960s”

  1. I have two Gala Pick & Paint Eye Palettes [brushes missing and slightly tatty as 50 years old]. Having kept them all this time – just wondering if anyone would be interested. Not looking for money, just go to a good home.

    I used them in the late 60s, from memory bought in 1968.

    I can’t find reference to these on google search.

    1. Hi Lin – wow, you’ve kept these all this time ? Just thinking off top of my head… what about a museum? Like the V&A in London – they do have makeup displays/rooms and it would be a good home ?

  2. I have many hairdressing magazines from the 1960s featuring Twiggy of course, Mary Quant etc. Do you happen to know where I can offload them?
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Annie, If you simply want to get rid, maybe a charity shop (I’ve got old mags from them), or if there’s a makeup school near to you – they might like them? If you wanted to sell them, I know Ebay has vintage mags listed, which give an idea of how much they can go for i.e. is it worth the hassle?! I can’t think of anywhere else – hope you find a good home for them. Kind regards, Tish ?

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