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Hair & Beauty Adverts from the 1950s

The advertising industry now had more power than ever before, as more people were buying a television for the home. Subsequently, TV advertising had a meteoric rise as, one by one, various commercial channels launched throughout the decade.

Despite the rise of TV, print advertising didn’t suffer. There were still magazines galore, all aimed at different consumer groups, and each one was full of adverts.

Hollywood stars were still used to promote products, as well as unknown faces. Sometimes the unknown face used in TV commercials went on to become a household name.

Photography in adverts was becoming more common, though illustrations could still be seen. Beauty adverts often had paragraphs of text explaining the virtues of using that product.

Advertisers in the 1950s often focused on a family feel, with a wholesome or moralistic view to their adverts.

Print Adverts

TV Commercials

Until about 1958, most television broadcasts were live, including advertisements. Even though most programming was in black and white, it didn’t stop makeup brands advertising their new colours. Colour programming was available from 1953, but it was limited, and it wouldn’t be until the 1960s that colour TV sets became more affordable.

In the late 1950s in the UK, the advertising magazine (or Admag) sprung up . This was a short advertising programme, which was broadcast in the guise of a soap opera, of sorts. The ordinary viewing household could now be entertained while parting with their new-found disposable income. Admags were incredibly popular, until they were banned by Parliament in 1963. Spoilsports!

Beauty adverts were big business. Here’s a Maybelline commercial from 1956:

A live beauty advert for Revlon’s Snow Peach lipstick and nail polish from 1956:

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    1. Hi Sheila – they had little flashes of false hair that came in a variety of bright colours, including pink and blue. These were attached to the hair, or could be glued to the front hairline, as that was a popular place to add a flash of colour. There were also coloured laquers that were painted onto the hair (natural or bleached). We’d say the hair pieces would be the quick and easy way to add a bright pink or blue. See the British Pathé video link under “Find Out More” to see what we mean.

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