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Vintage 1960s Makeup Colour Charts & Guides

vintage makeup charts 1960s

Vintage makeup colour charts from the 1960s showing the popular shades of the era. The cosmetic brands also made makeup application guides and tips on the latest trends. These were included in the product’s packaging or as an article in promotional brochures.


The typical eye makeup colours available in the early 1960s – these are from cosmetic giant Maybelline. This chart is from about 1961.

Maybelline 1960s makeup
Maybelline colour chart from about 1961.
vintage 1960s makeup colours
Nail Satin colours from Max Factor (1961).


The following pictures show the new fashion makeup colours on offer from Max Factor. Taken from its “New Make-up Color Fashion” brochure, released in about 1962.

Max Factor’s latest eye colours (c.1962).
Max Factor’s new eyeliner and mascara colours (c.1962).
1960s makeup colours
Foundation and concealer colours from “New Make-up Color Fashions” by Max Factor (c.1962).
1960s makeup colours by Max Factor
Max Factor lipstick colour chart (from about 1962).


The latest products and colours from Avon, as seen in their February 1964 brochure.

The latest makeup on offer from Avon (Feb 1964).
1960s makeup colours by Avon
Avon nail polishes as seen in their brochure (Feb 1964).
Avon lip colours, including new lip and matching nail polish colour “Pinky-Dink” (1964).

A retail countertop display unit, showing the lipstick and matching nail colours from Max Factor. 

Counter display from Max Factor (1964).


Some of the lip and eye makeup colours from Yardley, taken from adverts published in 1967. The eye makeup advert also shows a few makeup style ideas for the fashionable woman.

1960s makeup colours
Excerpt from a Yardley lipstick advert (1967).
Mod high-fashion eye makeup ideas from Yardley advert (1967).

Below are a full set of makeup colour charts from perennial favourite, Avon. The charts include the latest colours for foundation, eye makeup, blush, lipstick and nail polish.

1967 makeup chart from Avon

Avon demonstrates the latest fashion – namely, using a white eyeliner. This is matched with pale nails, which had been in vogue for a few years. As shown by Avon in their August 1967 brochure “Avon Outlook”.

Excerpt from “Avon Outlook” showing the latest eye makeup application (August 1967).


Some makeup application guidance from Elizabeth Arden in its “The Way to Beauty” pamphlet.

1960s makeup colours
Excerpt from Elizabeth Arden’s “The Way to Beauty” (1968).

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  1. I liked the Mary Quant makeup,can you still get the original in the containers,the round eye shadows,creams,lip sticks in the holders,does anyone know about the boots, that detached,some Mary Quant dresses?

  2. Doing some research into 1960s make-up and fashion etc for college and came across your site. So useful and clearly written, thank you, and these charts are fascinating to me the fashion geek!!

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vintage makeup charts 1960s