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Vintage 1920s Makeup Colour Charts & Guides

Here’s a collection of vintage 1920s makeup colour charts along with some application guides. Makeup in the 1920s was coming of age and a new generation of women was discovering it. At this time, makeup products and colours were limited – most cosmetic items available were for skincare. Still, cosmetic brands were keen to shout about their products via colour swatches and handy application guides.


Princess Pat made its rouge tint in just one colour. It claimed that it suited every skin tone, as the tint changed colour to match the complexion.

Princess Pat made its tint in just one colour (1923).


This excerpt from a Boncilla brochure shows just how limited makeup colours were in the 1920s. Similarly, Jonteel face powder was available in just seven shades.

Boncilla makeup (1925).
Jonteel face powders came in just a few shades.


Rouge in the 1920s was applied quite obviously to create a soft flushed look. This bit of advice from Princess Pat shows the 1920s woman how to apply rouge.

Princess Pat advice (1926).


vintage 1920s makeup colours Coty
Lipsticks from Coty – colours were limited and plainly named (1927).

Guidance from Coty on “How to Manicure”. Cake, powder and paste nail products were still very popular during the 1920s. Liquid nail varnish was just starting out.

1927 Cutex How to Manicure
Excerpt from booklet “How to Manicure” by Cutex (1927).


Rouge colours from The Pompeian Company.

vintage makeup colours
Rouge colours from The Pompeian Company of Canada (1928).


The Armand Company produced this booklet in 1929.

vintage 1920s makeup colours
A guide to makeup in booklet “Find Yourself” from The Armand Company (1929).

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