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Vintage 1950s Makeup Colour Charts & Brochures

Here we have a collection of vintage makeup colour charts and brochure excerpts from the 1950s. They give us an insight into the popular colours provided by mainstream cosmetic brands. Application guides also tell us how makeup was put on and what the fashionable eye, cheek and lip shapes were. 


1950s makeup colour charts
Excerpt from Max Factor's "The New Art of Make-up" (1950).


1950s makeup colour charts from Cutex
Cutex nail colour card (1951).

Pan-Cake from Max Factor was a very popular foundation. Here’s an application guide from the brand itself.

Excerpt from "The New Art of Make-up" by Max Factor (c.1951).


Makeup application guidance – the 1950s way to wear it.

vintage makeup guide 1954
Makeup application advice from Dorothy Gray (1954).


1950s makeup colour charts
Some Yardley makeup colours (1956).


1950s makeup colour charts
Excerpt from Avon's Outlook brochure with lipstick colours (August 1957).


1950s makeup colours
Pond’s Beauty Book (1958).


1950s makeup colour charts
Avon Catalogue (1959) - the 73rd anniversary edition.
1950s makeup with Revlon
Makeup advice from Revlon's booklet "For A Lovelier You" (1959).

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